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Next Saturday Holiday Closures December 23 for Christmas
December 30 for New Years
Call 330-208-6948 to Schedule a Furniture Donation Pickup

2023 Saturday Close Dates

April 8 ... Easter
May 27 ... Memorial Day
Jul 1 ... 4th of July
Sep 2 ... Labor Day
Nov 25 ... Thanksgiving
Dec 23 ... Christmas
Dec 30 ... New Years

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Welcome To Core! How Can We Assist You?

How to Request Furniture!


Get to know the team and the process...

I am a person who needs furniture. How do I apply for help?


  • Click "Furniture Request" on the menu bar above.  

  • Fill out the DIY Voucher Form and submit it.

  • CORE will email your voucher to you.

  • You should receive it within a week.

  • No email, no problem.

  • You can use email of a family member, neighbor or friend.

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