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Options for obtaining a CORE furniture voucher.

  •    Live in AMHA Housing? Call AMHA Resident Support at 330-376-9699 for help.

  •    Live in Zip Code 44224? Call St Vincent DePaul of Holy Family at 330-688-6412 ex 456 for help.

  •    Live in Zip Code 44303, 44313 or 44333? Call the St Hilary help line at 330-253-2117 and leave a message.

  •    Live in Zip Code 44320? Call St Sebastian at 234-206-0057 for help.

  •    Or follow the prompts below, complete the DIY Voucher questions and your furniture voucher, with          instructions, will be emailed to you. If you don't have email, your voucher will be sent to your street address.

Fill out the DIY Voucher Form and CORE will email you your voucher.

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